For technical support options please contact EES Companies, Inc. at 508-653-6911.


Technical support is available to assist you with Installation, Updates, Upgrades or other general questions about the POS/OE 4 system.


Benefits of the technical support plan:

  • Toll-Paid telephone, email and fax support is available to customers on an active technical support provided by our own staff (we develop, sell and support our software).
  • Discounts on Upgrades and Updates - normally minor updates are at no cost.  We can make updates available electronically, allowing you to quickly download and install.
  • Access to updated documentation is also made available for many updates.   Improvements to the main manual, new or updated frequently asked question documents and more.  All distributed electronically for quick and convienent access.
  • Access to new or updated report templates for updates.
  • Discounts on major upgrades - they average every 2-3 years and we offer significant discounting to customers on active support.
  • We offer a discount if you renew your current support plan early, call for more information.


Premium Support

We also offer premium support packages with additional benefits (contact us for more information):

  • Possibility of remote viewing/remote control of your machine.   This allows us to speed up the support process in most cases - we can see your screen almost as if we were at your site.   We can even control your machine.   This is all done in a secure manner and you can turn the access on or off as it is required.
  • Maintenance - we can do certain maintenance tasks for you if we have remote access, saving time.
  • Contact us for more information, details or if you have any special requirements.